What Do Gas Logs Have To Do With Plumbing?

Gas fireplace logs.October afternoons are still pretty warm and wonderful, but our North Texas evenings have become a little chilly. You may be thinking about turning on the gas log fireplace for some ambiance as early in the season as you can. If you’re like me, you enjoy the changes in the seasons. Texas summers are so long, we really can’t wait to enjoy something different when it starts to cool down at night. 

The Advantages of Burning Gas Fireplace Logs Instead of Wood

  • Gas burns clean, keeping the chimney clean of clogging soot build-up
  • When gas logs are situated correctly and in good shape, the fire is beautiful and warm
  • Natural gas is relatively inexpensive, and
  • There’s no need to keep a woodpile that may attract roaches and rodents.

If your logs are relatively new, purchased in the last couple of years, they probably have not had a lot of time to develop cracks or leaks – but there could still be some. If you’ve used them ‘since you can’t remember when’, it’s time to have them checked out. We’ll put a pressure test on your home to see:

  • If the pressure is holding, and
  • If pressure isn’t holding, where the problem area is.

Gary’s Quality Plumbing also installs gas logs, gas lines to gas logs, and gas lines pretty much anywhere you’d like them to be – after we check out your ideas and verify that they can be installed and used as you expect. Call us, 972-424-6479, and ask us your questions about using gas in your home.

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