Fall is Coming ……

When the leaves turn it's time for seasonal plumbing maintenance.

By Debi Proctor

School is back in session. YAY!!! Temperatures are dropping. Fall is coming. And it’s time to think about seasonal plumbing maintenance.

We here at Gary’s Quality Plumbing want to take the time, before the rush, to let you know that we are so grateful to be able to serve our awesome community. We feel very blessed to have such wonderful and devoted customers. Most of you know that our advertising is mainly word of mouth, so please share your experiences not only with others but send us a note too.

Your Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

With Fall at our door steps it is important to look around and assess what may need attention. Look around and see if there are small leaks and drips that may become larger problems when you want to be out enjoying the gorgeous Fall weather – and not having to spend time dealing with those problems instead.

We’ve have said this before, but will continue to remind you because of its importance for your safety. Have you had your roof repaired or replaced recently? Water heater vent pipes have to be placed accurately and are quite often moved or damaged during roof work. We were just reminded of this again this past week as we had a service call for a water heater vent that was leaning against a wall – hot enough to remove paint – after a roof repair. Please take a moment to check your vents and if you are unable to do this yourself, give us a call at 972-424-6479 and we will check it out for you and make sure your vents are in a safe condition.

Have you noticed a higher than usual water bill? If you can’t account for the difference in water usage this may be a symptom of a leak you cannot see. We have been addressing hot and cold water slab leaks the last few weeks and even a couple sewer leaks. We can locate these leaks for you and take care of them before they cause foundation issues for your home.

Thanks for being a valued customer!


  1. A great tip also, my dad just told me. He’s a master plumber. Is to periodically drain you water heater. Just hook a hose up to it, there should be a hose connector on there, and drain it. The water heater slowly builds up with sediment which takes it longer to heat up the water using more energy.
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