Defend Your Home Against a Winter Attack

Frozen ice cubesThe cold winter nights are upon us. The fire is crackling and the aroma of holiday cooking surrounds us. Before heading off to bed we double check to make sure the fire is all the way out and the kitchen appliance knobs are turned to the off positions. These are the obvious things we do to protect our homes from a fire hazard.

It is important in the cold months to consider the possibility of a hard freeze. We need to make sure our homes are as protected as possible including the parts that are vulnerable to cold air. 

A few things you can do to defend your home against a winter attack include:

  • Disconnecting and covering outside faucets.
  • Opening the cabinets under fixtures on outside walls.
  • Leaving a trickle of water running from fixtures so they do not freeze.

Protecting your home from winter hazards is always a good idea. However, accidents do happen. If you have plumbing related issues this winter give us a call. (972) 424-6479


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