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Does Your Toilet ROCK?


No. Seriously. If your TOILET rocks, it’s bad.

Even if it only moves a little, you need to have your toilet pulled and reset. Those bolts at the base of your toilet get rusty, and if your toilet has been rockin’ for some time, water has been seeping under the floor. The wood begins to rot, and the bolts no longer hold. Read More→

To Plunge Or Not To Plunge, That Is The Question

Plumbing myths.One of the most frequent things we get called for in repair services is toilet repair. That can mean anything from toilets that flush themselves, constantly running toilets, to even rocking toilets at the base. Cracked toilets or tanks are pretty common, too, and let’s not forget about the teenager’s bathroom toilet clog that seems to happen a little too frequently … but I digress. Read More→

Why My Water Heater Goes Bump in the Night

Water heater.Hard water leaves deposits everywhere it travels. It contains mineral deposits such as calcium. These deposits can build up on the walls inside of a water heater. If this happens, a water heater can be very noisy, even scary when you hear a loud “Bang” in the middle of the night and don’t know where it is coming from.  Read More→

It Could Be Your Water Heater, But Maybe Something Else

Bird in a tree.Have you ever just woke up, climbed in the shower and … hey, what happened to the hot water? Me either (and I’m glad of that!), but it’s happened to some of our customers.  Read More→

Poor Quality Toilets Leaving You Drained?

Hand coming out of toilet.The first generation of low-flow flushing commodes had big problems. It wasn’t uncommon to have to flush three times just to empty the bowl. It doesn’t make sense to use half as much water if you still have to flush three times. Complications such as the size of the orifices, lack of flushing jets in the bottom of the bowl, and poor design were the causes behind this dilemma.  Read More→