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Exploding Toilet Recall

What you need to know about the exploding toilet recall.If you have the popular “Flushmate” flushing system installed on your toilet, it may be part of a nationwide safety recall. We’ve removed or replaced several of these units on our customers’ toilets. The danger is real … some of these units have caused explosions, resulting in property damage and injuries.

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Water Heater Vent Pipe: Carbon Monoxide Alert

After your new roof is installed, check to see that the water heater vent pipe is attached and sealed.With the extreme weather we’ve had in and around Plano, so many of our customers and friends are having new roofs installed. Lately, we’ve been out on several service calls to reconnect the water heater vent pipe and furnace vent after their roofer is finished. Unfortunately, a roofer does not always take care to make sure these are reattached properly. This can be a deadly problem because if vent pipes for water heaters and furnaces are not attached and sealed properly, carbon monoxide can enter your home.

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Tell-tale Signs of Foundation Problems in Texas

A crack between bricks is one tell-tale sign of foundation problems in Texas.The weather is heating up and we’ve had lots of rain. This can cause our soil to shift and cause foundation problems in Texas. If the soil is too wet or too dry, keep a close eye on your home’s foundation.

A shift in foundation can cause serious problems including gas, sewer, and water leaks. If pipes are not properly protected during installation they can be in weakened state from being exposed to the elements. Over time the metal of the pipe will be eaten away by rust and corrosion causing the pipe to snap when the foundation shifts. Read More→

How to turn off water heater when it’s leaking

Do you know how to turn off the water heater when it’s leaking? Many people don’t.

Our Master Plumber, Adam Proctor, has this to say about leaking water heaters:

There are two kinds of water heater leaks: large ones and small ones. The pans underneath will not handle a large leak. This is especially important if your water heater is above or attached to living space. Water always flows downhill and you can’t always tell which way it is going. A pan located in the garage can still overflow and damage items in your garage or worse, go into living spaces. “Which way is really downhill?”

When you notice that your water heater has sprung a leak, here’s what to do first:

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Time for a Fall Safety Inspection

Time for a fall safety inspection.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The intense summer heat is past, our nights are cool, and it feels good to be outdoors again.

It’s also the time of year that we all need to be in home maintenance mode. In fact, with each change of seasons, we should be checking some items off on the home maintenance list because each season brings its own challenges to the Texas homeowner.

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