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Purchasing and installing the right water heater isn’t as easy as buying a toaster. There’s a little more involved. Here are some things we’ve written on the subject. Make sure to call us for the latest information on the right water heater, in the right location, for your home or office. Clicking on the title will take you back to the entire article.

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Highly Efficient Condensing Hot Water Heaters
Tankless hot water technology has come a long way in a few short years. In an effort to bring greener thinking to the plumbing and water heater industry, new condensing tankless hot water heaters are really changing the game.

Are You Staying Warm In The Shower?
Water heaters are funny sometimes. You probably notice it first in the shower. Repair a toilet and you can tell right away, but a water heater in need of repair isn’t so evident until you start getting cold water for what seems to be no reason.

Before you head out of the bathroom and look for a baseball bat to find out who used all the hot water, see if you notice any trends:

Bradford White Water Heaters Are Four for Four
According to the CLEAReports by Clear Seas Research, our own company favorite – Bradford White water heaters – are still the brand most purchased by plumbing contractors nationwide for the fourth year in a row. Why? In our opinion, it’s because they continue to be the most dependable water heater on the market.

Are Tankless Hot Water Heaters For You?
You may have noticed the age of your water heater the last time stored your Christmas items in your attic or cleaned out your garage. If your water heater is over ten years old, especially if it is located in an attic or somewhere that water from a burst water heater could cause significant damage, you might want to consider replacing it even if it is not leaking at the present time. Remember that things usually go wrong at the worst possible time, so be pro-active.

Is my Hot Water Heater Still Under Warranty?
A good hot water heater used to last about 20 years. Now … not so much. Now warranties will typically be expired after about five years. I’ve been in business long enough to remember when a company would warranty their product for 10, and even then, they lasted well beyond the warranty.

Do You Know How to Shut Off Your Water Heater?
Many people don’t. They call in a panic asking how and I tell them how to do it.
I’ll tell you too.

  • Locate the valve on top the water heater
  • It will be a round handle that you would turn clockwise as you view it from the top.
  • It could be a lever handle that turns 90 degrees off.

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