Plumbing Leak Specialists

You don’t need to mess around. If you think you’ve got a plumbing leak, you need to be sure. Waiting will make your repair more costly and time-consuming. Get the advice you need, when you need it by calling our office today. Check our Services Page for a more detailed list of services we offer.

We address all type of plumbing leaks – sewer, slab, faucet, pipe, and gas. Here are some things we’ve written about these important subjects. The title links to the entire article.

Detecting a Gas Leak
So, you think might have a gas leak? Locating and repairing a gas leak can be a time consuming and complicated process. Gas companies will tell you to hire a licensed plumber to detect, repair, and permit the finished gas line work.

Hosed: Outside Faucet Crisis
Summer time is here and most of us have begun watering our lawns, washing our vehicles, and catching up on landscaping projects. Some of us are finding out quickly that this winter’s hard freeze is still reeking havoc on our home’s plumbing systems.

Plumbing Repair For Slab Leaks
Summer is here and with that our water bills begin to increase. As we begin watering our lawns again or filling our swimming pools we begin our new water patterns. If you have a water bill that increases from month to month and it doesn’t match your personal water cycle you probably have some type of leak. If there is no sign of an above-ground leak it is most likely slab leak.

Not-So-Obvious Plumbing Leaks
How can you tell if you have a plumbing leak if the floor isn’t soaked and water isn’t pooling? Most of the time you’ll probably be aware that you have a plumbing leak. You might hear a commode noisily filling on its own or see a faucet dripping. Perhaps, you’ve experienced a flood. But, many times more serious problems can go unnoticed. This article will address a couple of different not-so-obvious plumbing leaks – water leaks underground and drainage and sewer leaks.

Best Practices: Stop a Plumbing Leak Now
Take precautions when you notice that turning a handle won’t cause water to completely stop. Plumbing leaks will only get worse over time. If a faucet washer is already worn out, applying more force can actually do more harm than good. You don’t want to strip the threads. If you do go that far, turn off the water under the sink at the source so that your faucet will stop running.

So You Have a Slab Leak, Now What?
Maybe you’ve noticed a ridiculously high water bill or heard water running that you can’t find, maybe you’ve noticed warmth on a particular part of the flooring; when it comes to unusual predicaments like these, you need to know whether or not you’re dealing with a slab leak. What to do if you might have a slab leak?

Sewer Leaks are Not Your Friend
The only thing that I can think of that could rival the frustration of dealing with a slab leak, would be a sewer leak. Sewer leaks are smelly, potentially dangerous, and somewhat difficult to detect and repair due to the nature of a sewer itself.

Less Chance of a Plumbing Leak with a Quality Faucet
The right faucet and the right installation have a lot to do with the amount of service that will be needed on your fixture in the future. Not that price should be the sole determining factor, but higher quality usually costs more. You get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap (though pretty) faucet from a home improvement store, or for that matter, even from a wholesaler – you may end up with a plumbing leak you didn’t count on.

Water leak detection: Stop That Plumbing Leak
Some leaks are obvious and show themselves readily, other plumbing leaks aren’t apparent unless you know what to look for. The leaks that are harder to find can do far more damage than those that are easily noticed. Many homeowners don’t realize that many of the faucets and handles available today consist of plastic parts that easily crack under frequent use, and replacement washers aren’t helpful in the newer washerless designs. When that is the case, water leaks can end up puddling in an area that may not be readily visible, and you’re going to have to look a little harder to see if damage is evident.

Is Your Plumbing Leak Bad Enough To Call The Plumber?
You’ve asked this question before, I’m sure. Believe me when I tell you we understand that you’d rather fix a plumbing leak yourself instead of spending the money on a plumber. So many times we’re called out to jobs that were quite intensive – and expensive – because the call was delayed for that reason.