Kitchen / Bath Remodeling

Have you been thinking about updating your kitchen or bath? Home ‘improvements’ are only as good as the final function and appearance; you need to be sure you’re adding real value to your home.

Homeowners can protect themselves from poor installation or ineffective workflow issues if they start the project on a solid foundation, based on experience and know-how.

Gary’s Quality Plumbing will make sure you avoid pitfalls that can get expensive and lead to dissatisfaction in the final outcome.

Bathroom faucet and handles.Arm yourself with information that not only includes appliances and cosmetic choices, but engineering dynamics that make all the difference to your long-term enjoyment and increased home valuation.

Our professional plumbers know what works for your unique situation because they’ve been helping homeowners make good layout decisions for over 24 years throughout the NE Dallas area. It’s not enough to know what you want in your kitchen or bathroom remodel. You need to know what will actually work, so the appearance is not only beautiful, but functions as you’d expect.

Bradford White water heater.Gary’s Quality Plumbing will help with:

  • Appliance installation
  • Gas and water line services
  • Water heater, garbage disposal, and water purification options
  • Sink fixtures and faucet /handle assemblies from the finest brands, known for their dependability

We’ll work with your unique requests to bring real value to your home – now and for years to come. Call 972-424-6479 today.