We Do Gas Work – Natural and LP

Did you know we do gas service and repair? That’s right, we’ve been serving residents around Plano, Richardson, Murphy and beyond for years – working with you to install the right appliances in the right locations with just the right amount of gas pressure.

If any of those calculations are off, your gas service will be inefficient – and probably dangerous.


Everything that requires gas in your home has to be calculated so that:

  • Gas pressure at the meter is high enough for all your appliances, and
  • Gas pressure stays the correct pressure in the pipes throughout your home.

Diagram of gas line service.

Each time gas is routed to an appliance, the remaining pressure is reduced to the rest of your home. It’s important to know how far the gas must reach, and how many ways it will be used.

New tankless gas water heaters are incredibly efficient, producing endless amounts of  hot water for the entire house – if the calculations have been made correctly. We have to know how much hot water you’ll be needing to heat between your dishwasher, washing machine, showers, and faucets, and also how many other gas lines are running in your home and to what. We come out and measure the distances and develop a plan that makes sense for your home or office.

It’s the difference between hiring a professional plumber to determine this for you, and trusting a local home improvement store that outsources that work. Many times, people get frustrated that they just spent so much on a tankless water heater, but it doesn’t do what it claims. Friends, chances are it isn’t the water heater! Licensed plumbers are required to attend annual continuing education about gas line service and the latest techniques. Your handyman has no requirement to do so, and isn’t insured for the possible damage that could result from poor calculations and know-how.

Don’t take chances with your gas service! Call Gary’s Quality Plumbing first, at 972-424-6479.

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