Water Heater Vent Pipe: Carbon Monoxide Alert

After your new roof is installed, check to see that the water heater vent pipe is attached and sealed.With the extreme weather we’ve had in and around Plano, so many of our customers and friends are having new roofs installed. Lately, we’ve been out on several service calls to reconnect the water heater vent pipe and furnace vent after their roofer is finished. Unfortunately, a roofer does not always take care to make sure these are reattached properly. This can be a deadly problem because if vent pipes for water heaters and furnaces are not attached and sealed properly, carbon monoxide can enter your home.

Check Your Water Heater and Furnace Vent Pipes ASAP

If you have had a new roof installed, please check to see if these vents are attached and sealed. If you find that they have moved at all, please give us a call at 972-424-6479 to fix this situation before it causes harm to your family.

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