Are You Staying Warm In The Shower?

Water heaters.Water heaters are funny sometimes. You probably notice it first in the shower. Repair a toilet and you can tell right away, but a water heater in need of repair isn’t so evident until you start getting cold water for what seems to be no reason.

Before you head out of the bathroom and look for a baseball bat to find out who used all the hot water, see if you notice any trends: 

  • water stays real comfortable for only about ¾ of your shower
  • no one else is using the shower in the other bathrooms
  • the dishwasher or washing machine isn’t on, yet you don’t have enough hot water for a reasonable shower
  • there is no evidence of water leaking out of your water heater

If this is your hell, call us. Often the water heater won’t need replacement for you to get a hot shower, only repair. Depending on your make, model, and year – and the plumber’s diagnosis, it might only be a faulty dip tube, upper or lower element,  or thermostat. Those things aren’t nearly as costly and can save you a lot of discomfort when you have them fixed!

If you can’t get a whole shower at a decent temperature, call us to get it repaired right away.

Now, all of us have a funny story to tell about running out of hot water in the shower, what’s yours? Leave us your short, humorous story in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

Photo Credit: Salim Virji on Flickr made available through a Creative Commons License.

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