Problems With Sewer Pipe Drainage

Washing machine drain pipe.Pitch on a sewer pipe is a measure of how far a pipe should fall over a certain distance on a horizontal run. A proper pitch is what allows the contents of the pipe to keep moving. If you’re experiencing problems with waste leaving your home, this might be an issue and you should call us. Proper pitch on a sewer pipe is between 1/8th of an inch and ½ inch per foot. For example a four foot long pipe should be ½ inch higher on the front than the end of the pipe.

Many plumbing problems can occur if your pipes weren’t installed with the proper pitch. Water will just sit idle in a pipe that’s completely level. Furthermore, if the water is not moving enough or moving in the proper direction, back-ups will occur far more frequently. This isn’t even the worst of it .

Older homes where drainage and sewer pipes are cast iron may have the worst case scenario. Cast iron rusts when sitting under water. Over time a cast iron pipe full of water will simply rot out through the bottom causing a major sewer leak.

If you have frequent back-ups call us immediately. We’ll have one of our dependable plumbers come out to see that your pipes have the proper pitch for your home.


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