Should I Call A Handyman To Save Money?

Licensed plumber or handyman?

Permits are required to protect the homeowner from substandard installation practices and potential safety hazards. If your plumber is not taking out a permit for your job, you have no way of knowing if your work is done to code and in compliance with Federal and State guidelines. If your plumber is skipping this very important and required step in their work, it should be a red flag to homeowners to question what else they are failing to do and where else they are cutting corners.

A plumber must be licensed and registered in your city in order to take out this permit and prove they have proper liability insurance in place before it is issued. Your job will then be inspected by a city inspector to insure code requirements have been followed.

A handyman is not licensed, and therefore is unable to take out a permit. Likewise, no city inspector will follow up to make sure that the work performed is up to code.

Permits are required by law on all water line replacements, installations of water heaters, shower pans, etc. and gas installations to protect homeowners and plumbers by making sure the installations are done correctly and up to code.

Plumbers protect the health of the nation – Beware of unlicensed handymen offering plumbing services! Quality plumbing systems, installed and inspected by qualified individuals, truly help protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. We take this responsibility seriously!

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