Why You Need Outdoor Sewer Clean-Out Access

A recent edition of Plumber Magazine reminds us to promote the benefits of outdoor sewer clean-out access to customers. Since we have had a few of these installations recently I thought it would be good to get this information out to you in our blog and newsletter.

A blocked sewer main is serviced through the outdoor sewer clean-out access point.

A plumber unclogs a sewer drain with his plumbing snake and tools.

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Water Leak Detection: Stop That Plumbing Leak

Originally featured in The OffBeat Business Magazine January 2017 edition.

By Dorothy Skinner

Some leaks are obvious and show themselves readily; other plumbing leaks aren’t apparent unless you know what to look for. The leaks that are harder to find can do far more damage than those that are easily noticed. Many homeowners don’t realize that many of the faucets and handles available today consist of plastic parts that easily crack under frequent use, and replacement washers aren’t helpful in the newer washerless designs. When that is the case, water leaks can end up puddling in an area that may not be readily visible, and you’re going to have to look a little harder to see if damage is evident.

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Should I Call A Handyman To Save Money?

Licensed plumber or handyman?

Permits are required to protect the homeowner from substandard installation practices and potential safety hazards. If your plumber is not taking out a permit for your job, you have no way of knowing if your work is done to code and in compliance with Federal and State guidelines. If your plumber is skipping this very important and required step in their work, it should be a red flag to homeowners to question what else they are failing to do and where else they are cutting corners.

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What Do Gas Logs Have To Do With Plumbing?

Gas fireplace logs.October afternoons are still pretty warm and wonderful, but our North Texas evenings have become a little chilly. You may be thinking about turning on the gas log fireplace for some ambiance as early in the season as you can. If you’re like me, you enjoy the changes in the seasons. Texas summers are so long, we really can’t wait to enjoy something different when it starts to cool down at night.  Read More →

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Plumbing repair service Plano reminds you that access is beneath this beautiful landscaping.
We all like to have our yards look great. It’s almost a competition, right?  As soon as we have a reasonably cool day, we roll up our sleeves, put on our bug spray and gloves – and start to tackle those overgrown flower beds. Here in TX we are also raking leaves just about any time of the year. So what does this possibly have to do with plumbing? Read More →