Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Plumbing repair service Plano reminds you that access is beneath this beautiful landscaping.
We all like to have our yards look great. It’s almost a competition, right?  As soon as we have a reasonably cool day, we roll up our sleeves, put on our bug spray and gloves – and start to tackle those overgrown flower beds. Here in TX we are also raking leaves just about any time of the year. So what does this possibly have to do with plumbing? Read More →

Exploding Toilet Recall

What you need to know about the exploding toilet recall.If you have the popular “Flushmate” flushing system installed on your toilet, it may be part of a nationwide safety recall. We’ve removed or replaced several of these units on our customers’ toilets. The danger is real … some of these units have caused explosions, resulting in property damage and injuries.

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Water Heater Vent Pipe: Carbon Monoxide Alert

After your new roof is installed, check to see that the water heater vent pipe is attached and sealed.With the extreme weather we’ve had in and around Plano, so many of our customers and friends are having new roofs installed. Lately, we’ve been out on several service calls to reconnect the water heater vent pipe and furnace vent after their roofer is finished. Unfortunately, a roofer does not always take care to make sure these are reattached properly. This can be a deadly problem because if vent pipes for water heaters and furnaces are not attached and sealed properly, carbon monoxide can enter your home.

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Free Toilet Program – A New Throne for Your Home

“Stop Jiggling. Start fixing” – Your Toilet

This ProFlo® PF1400T, WaterSense certified toilet is offered as part of the City of Dallas Free Toilet Program.

Need a new throne for your home? If the time has come to replace one or two toilets in your home, you may qualify to get them through a unique City of Dallas Free Toilet Program.

The City of Dallas Water Utilities offers FREE high-performance HETs (high-efficiency toilets). These new ProFlo® PF1400T, WaterSense® certified toilets ensure great performance and reduce water consumption. You can apply to receive up to two toilets. This program does not replace existing 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) toilets. A rebate option is also available for up to $90 per toilet (excluding taxes). Customers are responsible for picking up the toilets, having them installed, and disposing of the old toilets so they are not reused.

Learn more about the free toilet program at Save Dallas Water.

Leave the old toilet removal and the new toilet installation to the pros at Gary’s Quality Plumbing. Call us today at 972-424-6479 to schedule your toilet replacement service.

I Married a Sailor

Memorial Day has come and gone, but the sentiment behind this post rings true every day of the year. This article was originally featured in The OffBeat Business Magazine May 2016 issue. 

By Dorothy Skinner

Our focus is on the veterans as we get closer to Memorial Day. We give thanks to our brave men and women that serve our nation and keep our country safe, preserving our freedoms. We pray for comfort for those that have lost loved ones in the past and for those that have family serving now in these very dangerous times.

My husband was in the U.S. Navy and I married my childhood sweetheart in the last year of his service. He had already had his year at sea during the Lebanon crisis. We spent that last year at NAS Jacksonville, Florida before going back to our home state of Wisconsin to start our family.

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