Less Chance of a Plumbing Leak with a Quality Faucet

The right faucet and the right installation have a lot to do with the amount of service that will be needed on your fixture in the future. Not that price should be the sole determining factor, but higher quality usually costs more. You get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap (though pretty) faucet from a home improvement store, or for that matter, even from a wholesaler – you may end up with a plumbing leak you didn’t count on. 

A nice line of faucets comes from Moen. They’ve taken a strong stance on waste reduction and have managed to maintain quality in their equipment and design. Both residential and commercial grade faucets come with flow-optimized aerators that introduce water into the flow while keeping the water pressure evenly distributed. According to epa.gov ,flow-optimized aerators use 1.5 gpm/5.7 lpm versus standard 2.2 gpm/8.3 lpm – adding up to about a 32% water savings.

Kohler additionally offers ADA compliant and WaterSense approved faucets for the kitchen and bath. Flexible stainless steel supplies and solid brass construction mean the quality workmanship is there, and plastic internal parts won’t hamper frequent use – a common problem where breakdown or leakage is concerned. Kohler ranks among the highest in quality and design and has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

Grohe offers superb design and is well-known internationally for the testing standards it meets and often exceeds. The forces exerted to test their faucets for endurance requirements are 10 times higher than the industry norm. That should put home and business owners at rest before an evening of heavy entertaining!

Remember that it takes more than a great, dependable faucet to avoid a plumbing leak. It also takes installation know-how that your plumbing professional provides. Gary’s Quality Plumbing guarantees the labor on your faucet installation, and our plumbers stay on top of current industry training to give you the best in service. Call us today for our recommendations on your project. We order parts for you and come to your home or place of business ready for your complete installation. Call us today! 972-424-6479


  1. Sometimes you have to allot at least budget for quality products instead of just using cheaper ones and later one you’ll purchase again because it’s already damaged or not working. Like for example ,the faucet and installation should be done by experts so that the plumbing problem will be prevented .But in cases, that plumbing problem occurs then it would be better to ask assistance from carpet cleaning Hilliard to remove water, from floors and carpets etc.

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