Trick or Treat?

Dripping outdoor faucet - how to keep outside faucet from freezing.Don’t be ‘tricked’ by the nice warm day we are having – and expecting tomorrow. Many outlying areas were down to 30 degrees last night already which was the coldest night of the season so far. It very likely won’t get down to freezing around here long enough to cause damage for the near future but here is some advice for things you should do now to prepare. Why wait until you have to do it in the cold?

How To Keep An Outside Faucet From Freezing

Do a walk around outside and disconnect your water hoses from faucets.

Get those hoses off the faucets before they freeze! A connected/freezing hose could damage the faucet or pipes – or even cause it to break requiring an expensive fix. So ‘treat’ yourself by avoiding the problem.

Cover and Insulate Faucets

Outdoor faucets and pipes should be covered (and ideally insulated) to protect them from freezing. Pipes and faucets left unprotected can freeze quickly and lead to a broken pipe, related flooding and other disasters.

Here’s an easy no cost way to protect your outdoor faucets in a freeze.

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