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Water Toxicity And You

Less than 40% of people just like yourself believe federal drinking water quality laws are ‘fair.’ As a matter of fact, 25% of consumers are ‘very concerned’ with water quality. Only half of the American public trusts our water supplies, according to an independent survey released by the Water Quality AssociationRead More→

Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water

This short video asks us some good questions about the safety of some of the chemicals we use regularly and are even present in our water supplies. We don’t believe in being alarmists or fear promoters, but sometimes communities do things over and over out of habit, without realizing there might be better choices. We’ve been aware of this concern for some time, and as tastefully as it is presented here, thought it only responsible to share this video with you. Please leave us your comments.

Press Release from Multi-Pure

This is a must read, follow the link here:

Water Filtration Industry Leader, Multi-Pure International, Praises Obama Council’s Recommendations To Fight Cancer

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