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Water Heater Vent Pipe: Carbon Monoxide Alert

After your new roof is installed, check to see that the water heater vent pipe is attached and sealed.With the extreme weather we’ve had in and around Plano, so many of our customers and friends are having new roofs installed. Lately, we’ve been out on several service calls to reconnect the water heater vent pipe and furnace vent after their roofer is finished. Unfortunately, a roofer does not always take care to make sure these are reattached properly. This can be a deadly problem because if vent pipes for water heaters and furnaces are not attached and sealed properly, carbon monoxide can enter your home.

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Truth Or Dare – The Reality Of Tankless Water Heaters

The lit burner on a gas water heater.

Originally featured in The OffBeat Business Magazine March 2016 issue.

By Adam Proctor

There is a misconception about “instant” hot water, meaning not having to wait for it. People want ‘endless’ hot water, but that’s dependent on several things.

  • Water temperatures,
  • Gas and electrical demands and supplies,
  • Distances to fixtures,
  • Temperature loss between unit to fixture(s), etc.

Costs and expectations vary. An average install on a traditional water heater (with permit) ranges from $1100-$1400.00. If your water heater is upstairs, in an attic, or worse yet – a second floor attic – you can expect to pay more. Depending on the age of the unit, there may be necessary adjustments to agree with code. If your water heater is 20 years old you will probably need more than minor upgrades.

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Am I Prone To More Damage With an Attic Water Heater?

Bradford White Tankless Water HeaterIn a word, yes. Attic water heaters were the brain child of builders trying to figure out how to add more living space to the homes they were building. The newer the home, the higher the chance that you have a water heater installed in the attic.

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Get Hot Water Faster for Father’s Day

WaterSense Graphic.If hot water in your home has a long way to travel, chances are good you spend a lot of time running and running your hot water so it will come out of the tap. So many Americans are guilty of wasting water like that! Are you ready to make your life more convenient and eco-friendly at the same time? You probably need to talk to us about a recirculating pump. Let me tell you why Dad might be super-happy to lower his water bill this summer!

First of all, did you see the local water price increases for the Dallas Metroplex? That could get out of control real fast. Adding a recirculating pump, like a Grundfos, to your water heater line accelerates the flow of hot water through the lines when you turn the faucet. These can be added to multiple locations in your home, depending on how many water stations need to be addressed.  Read More→

Can Your Water Heater Be Repaired?

If your water heater is not very old and it’s not doing its job, it might need an easy repair instead of a costly replacement. Let’s think about common problems you may encounter:  Read More→