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Free Toilet Program – A New Throne for Your Home

“Stop Jiggling. Start fixing” – Your Toilet

This ProFlo® PF1400T, WaterSense certified toilet is offered as part of the City of Dallas Free Toilet Program.

Need a new throne for your home? If the time has come to replace one or two toilets in your home, you may qualify to get them through a unique City of Dallas Free Toilet Program.

The City of Dallas Water Utilities offers FREE high-performance HETs (high-efficiency toilets). These new ProFlo® PF1400T, WaterSense® certified toilets ensure great performance and reduce water consumption. You can apply to receive up to two toilets. This program does not replace existing 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) toilets. A rebate option is also available for up to $90 per toilet (excluding taxes). Customers are responsible for picking up the toilets, having them installed, and disposing of the old toilets so they are not reused.

Learn more about the free toilet program at Save Dallas Water.

Leave the old toilet removal and the new toilet installation to the pros at Gary’s Quality Plumbing. Call us today at 972-424-6479 to schedule your toilet replacement service.

Nothing Beats a Straight Flush

Time to replace your commode.Everybody has had at least one – a dinosaur of a toilet. It sometimes seems like flushing the equivalent of Niagara Falls every time you hit the lever in order to clear the bowl. These commodes work on an average of four to six gallons per flush. This is way too much water to be wasting and can get quite costly.  Read More→

What To Look For In A Low-Flush Toilet to Reduce Repair

Avalanche ToiletLow-flush, or high-efficiency toilets have come a long way. Almost every manufacturer now makes them. Some of the same mistakes are being made though, and if you know what to look for, you can avoid some ‘issues’.

  • Avoid a base with an abrupt curve in the drainage line. The drainage line is the protruding pipe-like bulge visible on the base. Almost every toilet exposes them – as though it’s a pretty feature. What you really want is a toilet with a reasonable curve so that waste can be effectively eliminated. Too many curves are NEVER good, and worse when you figure less water will be used for the flush. You’ll blame your plumber because it will seem like it backs up a lot. It’s NOT the plumber, it’s a poorly designed toilet. Ask us about well-performing, low-maintenance toilets – we know which ones are the best!
  • Avoid a trapway less than 3 inches. You want the diameter to be, shall we say … healthy,  for the same reasons described above.
  • Avoid a low base. They’re uncomfortable, and unless you have small children, adults can tend to fall on them when attempting to sit. This will cause problems with rocking and possibly even tank breakage over time.

Other than that, we recommend that the chain from your handle to the flapper be metal instead of easily breakable plastic.

Low-flush toilets use much less water per flush, and some even differentiate between solid and liquid waste when determining how much water to use. Contact our office at 972-424-6479 for more information about the advantages of installing low-flush toilets in your home. Many cities have tax incentives or vouchers to encourage new toilets that conserve water.

Losing Too Much Water Down Your Toilet:

Plumbing Solutions That Work

Dog rose leaves covered with frost in Sweden.There are a lot of community incentives for replacing your toilet. Plumbing advice used to be, “Don’t install low-flush toilets or you’ll get what you asked for, and you won’t like it!”  Nowadays, those toilets actually work pretty well, and you should consider the savings advantages a little more closely.

Last year, the cities of Dallas, Plano, and Allen all offered financial incentives to conserve water through low-flush toilet replacement. The incentives varied slightly, but basically put a dollar figure on a voucher towards the toilets themselves, or a reimbursement on your water bill. Like last year, we’ll keep you posted on the programs that will help you get the replacements you need.

Several low-flush options are on the market now. They offer different levels of water use per flush. Get a toilet that isn’t built for volume and you could have a problem on your hands. When they aren’t built well, the slow flush and clogs are frequent and annoying. I don’t believe you use less water when you flush over and over, or need to have a clean out performed weekly.

Instead, contact us to learn our current recommendations. There are cost variables, of course, but also performance variables – and you need to know what will be the best value for your circumstance.

Don’t flush money down the toilet. Plumbing advice can be very beneficial. 972-424-6479

Get Your Projects Done Before Company Arrives!

Holiday entertaining with family.Don’t wait till the last minute to schedule those projects. Pretty soon you’ll want to concentrate on your anticipated company and leaving the home for holiday parties. Let’s get you on the schedule before you need to worry about all of that!

It looks like the economy is improving a little. Our customers are starting to call for things that make entertaining at home easier, like better toilets, nicer new faucets, and larger sink fixtures and hot water heaters. Some even call for newer garbage disposals or gas line installation for new cooktops.

Whatever you need to make entertaining more pleasant, you can count on us for reliable installation at a fair price by professional, licensed and insured plumbers, family men who want to do a good job for you. Call us today to get on the schedule. 972-424-6479