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Why You Need Outdoor Sewer Clean-Out Access

A recent edition of Plumber Magazine reminds us to promote the benefits of outdoor sewer clean-out access to customers. Since we have had a few of these installations recently I thought it would be good to get this information out to you in our blog and newsletter.

A blocked sewer main is serviced through the outdoor sewer clean-out access point.

A plumber unclogs a sewer drain with his plumbing snake and tools.

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Why is My Toilet Not Flushing Properly?

A toilet not fully flushing is a job for a professional plumber.Is your toilet not fully flushing – all the way out to the city sewer? You’ll know if you’re having problems with an incomplete flush; it’ll be sluggish, like there’s not enough force to take it down the drain; or you may notice a slight (or not so slight) sewer smell in your bathroom.

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Our Sophisticated Plumbing

Company KidsYears ago all you needed to take care of our human waste was to dig a hole in the ground and build a little outhouse over it. A carpenter or handyman could do it.

Things are a little different now with our underground network of sewer pipe under our houses and under our streets.

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Monsters Use The Bathroom, Too

What to do when drains get out of hand.

Monsters In Your BathroomEver get that terrifying and helpless  moment where water is rising in your sink, shower, or toilet and you are afraid the flow won’t stop? One of the biggest complaints that I have when it comes to my plumbing at home actually isn’t the plumbing itself, but its what happens to my home, septic systems, and all other things related to plumbing over time. Read More→

Water Sewage and Treatment Facilities Need Your Help

Most people realize the water that leaves their homes and places of business, worship or community is used and nasty. It leaves in a drain pipe and collects at the alley, and funnels into a larger pipeline that is shared by your neighborhood. Each neighborhood in your community also drains into a collective pipeline that takes that wastewater all the way to the treatment facility.  Read More→