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Fall is Coming ……

When the leaves turn it's time for seasonal plumbing maintenance.

By Debi Proctor

School is back in session. YAY!!! Temperatures are dropping. Fall is coming. And it’s time to think about seasonal plumbing maintenance.

We here at Gary’s Quality Plumbing want to take the time, before the rush, to let you know that we are so grateful to be able to serve our awesome community. We feel very blessed to have such wonderful and devoted customers. Most of you know that our advertising is mainly word of mouth, so please share your experiences not only with others but send us a note too.

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Why You Need Outdoor Sewer Clean-Out Access

A recent edition of Plumber Magazine reminds us to promote the benefits of outdoor sewer clean-out access to customers. Since we have had a few of these installations recently I thought it would be good to get this information out to you in our blog and newsletter.

A blocked sewer main is serviced through the outdoor sewer clean-out access point.

A plumber unclogs a sewer drain with his plumbing snake and tools.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Plumbing repair service Plano reminds you that access is beneath this beautiful landscaping.
We all like to have our yards look great. It’s almost a competition, right?  As soon as we have a reasonably cool day, we roll up our sleeves, put on our bug spray and gloves – and start to tackle those overgrown flower beds. Here in TX we are also raking leaves just about any time of the year. So what does this possibly have to do with plumbing? Read More→

Why is My Toilet Not Flushing Properly?

A toilet not fully flushing is a job for a professional plumber.Is your toilet not fully flushing – all the way out to the city sewer? You’ll know if you’re having problems with an incomplete flush; it’ll be sluggish, like there’s not enough force to take it down the drain; or you may notice a slight (or not so slight) sewer smell in your bathroom.

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Simple Repairs Save BIG Money!

Simple plumbing repairs like fixing leaks will save you money!Drip, drip, drip goes the faucet … and money just continually moves from your back pocket right into the coffers at the utility department. It’s no secret that simple plumbing repairs like stopping those drips saves you money, but often people have no idea how much.
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