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Simple Gas Line Leak Test Can Save Your Life

With the actual Thanksgiving Day in our rearview mirror, many of us are still enjoying the holiday over the weekend. I know I am and hope you are too. We are still going to have family time with the ones that we have gotten together with yet. It’s my favorite holiday time and season.

Meanwhile, online and brick and mortar stores are frantic to get you in to make an unbelievable Black Friday deal. I personally don’t care to rush around in a store and try to beat someone else to a special buy. But if you enjoy doing that I hope you have a successful shopping experience.

Why You Need a Gas Line Leak Test

A gas line leak is dangerous.I am pretty sure you wonder why all the talk about gas – when you usually think plumbing deals with water. It’s a subject I keep talking about because while water can cause tremendous damage to your stuff when it gets in the wrong place, a gas line leak can KILL you!

Recently I told you about the venting problems that can occur when a roof repair is made or a new roof is installed. You can go back and read that if you like and I will hit it again another time. But this time we have another problem that happens. We have been called out several times because a roofing nail has gone through a gas pipe in the attic. That happened again just this past week. When we go out to repair that pipe, we do test the system to be sure there are no other gas leaks you are not aware of. Well, I think that the nail puncture was a gift from God because on testing Danny discovered that every joint in the attic had a small gas line leak.

I am not sure if those connections just get loose or leak over time. We do need to pay attention to those potential problems and having a gas line leak test on an older house may be a good idea. Though annually required for daycares, I don’t know of any requirement for a residential home unless you or a neighbor smell gas fumes or if a house has been vacant for some time.

Are Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors Working?

Also – remember to have your carbon monoxide detectors in working condition – check those batteries! And if you don’t have one be sure to tell Debi when you call in for service. She will make sure your plumber brings and installs one for you.

When you make a request for service on our website, please include your name and a way to get back to you. Often we get requests and cannot answer them because no contact information is given. We look forward to working with you soon.

Water Leak Detection: Stop That Plumbing Leak

Originally featured in The OffBeat Business Magazine January 2017 edition.

By Dorothy Skinner

Some leaks are obvious and show themselves readily; other plumbing leaks aren’t apparent unless you know what to look for. The leaks that are harder to find can do far more damage than those that are easily noticed. Many homeowners don’t realize that many of the faucets and handles available today consist of plastic parts that easily crack under frequent use, and replacement washers aren’t helpful in the newer washerless designs. When that is the case, water leaks can end up puddling in an area that may not be readily visible, and you’re going to have to look a little harder to see if damage is evident.

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Blue Pipes Are Unreliable in Texas Soil

Flooded front yard.The ground is shifting again, my friends. It seems like I’m talking about this all the time! Soil conditions cause stress on the water pipe going into your home. Hard ground acts like a saw and eventually cuts into those pipes. Water leaks in your front yard are commonly because of this, but sometimes – it’s merely a matter of unreliable blue pipes!   Read More→

Low Water Pressure a Sign of Trouble

Danny Skinner on the job!Do you have low water pressure at your house or place of business?

A hole or crack in your water piping might be the cause. Since some of the water is leaking out you won’t get all the water needed at your faucet. The pipes that are below our slabs or below ground can’t be seen so the low water pressure is a clue that you may have a leak. Another clue is if you feel the floor beneath your feet is warmer in one area. That could signal a hot water leak beneath your slab.

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How To React To Gas Leak Emergencies

We all like to think we’d know how to react if we were to recognize a gas leak. Surely we’d smell it, right? Well, don’t be confident about that. It’s wise to periodically go around your home and property just to check for that odor. Even moreso, go out of your way to check on the elderly in your neighborhoods, your parents and grandparents, too.

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