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Know What To Do in Plano This Weekend

Have you ever been to a PREPARE Fair? Haggard Park, in historic downtown Plano hosts a FREE all-day event to encourage emergency preparedness this Saturday, April 9th from 1-5 pm. Looking for something fun to do with the kids? This is it.

Along with emergency information booths, you’ll enjoy live music, bounce houses, face painting, food and fun. The kids will enjoy having their picture taken with Ant-E-Nator, the big huggable beast with the friendly message.

For you adults that can remember, the Patriot Flag is on a 50 state tour commemorating those lost in the 9-11 attacks and first responders throughout our nation. Saturday it will be hung from the Plano Fire Department aerial ladder truck located at the park for photos.

Sounds like a wonderful teaching moment.

Learn more at or call the Plano Emergency Operations Center at 972-769-4824 or 972-769-4825.

Spring Spuce-Up

Polish and shine the fixtures you have, and if they still look dull and outdated, new faucet trim or fixtures will make your home sparkle again. Often those details are exactly what’s needed to pull the whole room together.

Are obnoxious odors coming from your sink drains or garbage disposer?

For fresher sink drains:

  • Pour bleach down the emergency drain slowly, using a funnel if necessary to limit the amount used. Follow with water.
  • If pouring bleach down the drain irritates the ‘green’ out of you, then try baking soda and an old toothbrush reaching as far as possible into that emergency drain without losing grip of the brush. A pipe cleaner may be necessary.

For garbage disposers:

  • Baking soda and ice while disposer is running. Use short bursts and rinse with hot water.
  • Lemon juice and baking soda with ice is also helpful, but remember NOT to put the peel through the disposal.

Remember: NEVER under any circumstances should you ever put your fingers down the disposal side of the drain.

If these tips don’t help, call your Plano plumber to clean your drain lines or replace a poorly working disposal with a newer model.

Do you have tips that have worked just as well? Share them with us!