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I Married a Sailor

Memorial Day has come and gone, but the sentiment behind this post rings true every day of the year. This article was originally featured in The OffBeat Business Magazine May 2016 issue. 

By Dorothy Skinner

Our focus is on the veterans as we get closer to Memorial Day. We give thanks to our brave men and women that serve our nation and keep our country safe, preserving our freedoms. We pray for comfort for those that have lost loved ones in the past and for those that have family serving now in these very dangerous times.

My husband was in the U.S. Navy and I married my childhood sweetheart in the last year of his service. He had already had his year at sea during the Lebanon crisis. We spent that last year at NAS Jacksonville, Florida before going back to our home state of Wisconsin to start our family.

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Why We Appreciate Veterans

Why we appreciate veterans on Veteran's Day.We honor all our veterans Nov 11 each year. So many gave their all to keep us free. Many of those that fought and died in years past would not recognize what is going on in the name of freedom today. Freedom should be cherished. Please take some time on this national holiday to reflect on how freedom affects you personally. Let’s pray that our present and future leaders will be led to make decisions that will keep us free. We appreciate all our veterans that gave their lives – and all those survivors still with us from past wars. And for all current veterans and those still on duty, Thank you for your service!

Honoring Those Who Serve on Memorial Day


Are you planning something special with your family? People usually have picnics and BBQs and consider this day the first of summer vacation season. I think that is just great and plan to do that myself with my family.

We don’t want to lose sight of the reason we have this celebration/observance though and it can be a great teaching experience for the younger generation that may not have been taught or have not comprehended the significance of the day we set aside.

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Repair? Renovation? Reliability? How You Doin’?

Jessica Brock My name is Jessica Brock and I am the newest and youngest member of the Gary’s Quality Plumbing Team. I’m here for you. My crew and I have your back in everything plumbing and of course, WE DO PLUMBING RIGHT. Read More→

Where Water and Words Connect

We’ve just learned of a contest that’s been going on since 1995 for students from K-12th grades and we had to share it with you. The River of Words contest celebrates National Poetry Month and Earth Day, and is the largest youth poetry and art competition in the WORLD.  Read More→