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Trick or Treat?

Dripping outdoor faucet - how to keep outside faucet from freezing.Don’t be ‘tricked’ by the nice warm day we are having – and expecting tomorrow. Many outlying areas were down to 30 degrees last night already which was the coldest night of the season so far. It very likely won’t get down to freezing around here long enough to cause damage for the near future but here is some advice for things you should do now to prepare. Why wait until you have to do it in the cold?
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Better Get Ready, Freddy

Ripe pumpkins in a field.You’d better go around the house and check for leaks while the days are still nice! Outside faucets should definitely be addressed before the weather turns on us. If you have any drips, you want to get them repaired before it gets cold.

Outside faucets can freeze up with the cold weather, causing the pipe inside the wall to crack and cause severe damage to the interior of your home. You can go to any home improvement store to purchase hose-bib covers. These are inexpensive and highly recommended as extra insurance against freezing.

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Hosed: Outside Faucet Crisis

Hosebib Summer time is here and most of us have begun watering our lawns, washing our vehicles, and catching up on landscaping projects. Some of us are finding out quickly that this winter’s hard freeze is still reeking havoc on our home’s plumbing systems.

Some of the most common instances of pipes bursting due to a hard freeze are ironically the most preventable. A burst pipe in a wall can cause a lot of damage along with a huge mess in a hurry. Outside faucets (hose bibs) are the most vulnerable fixture in a home due to freezing. They invariably protrude from outside walls and most people will not discover that they froze up until the following spring.

Outside faucets must be frost-proof in order to be up to code. The washer that closes the valve seats up against an opening must be placed far enough back so that the water doesn’t get near the outside where it can freeze, bursting the pipe due to expansion.  Read More→

Less Chance of a Plumbing Leak with a Quality Faucet

The right faucet and the right installation have a lot to do with the amount of service that will be needed on your fixture in the future. Not that price should be the sole determining factor, but higher quality usually costs more. You get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap (though pretty) faucet from a home improvement store, or for that matter, even from a wholesaler – you may end up with a plumbing leak you didn’t count on.  Read More→

What Should I Look For in a Quality Faucet Fixture?

Many times we’re called out to a job because of this very problem. With the emergence of home improvement stores and warehouses, people can pick out their own faucet fixture, many times at what they believe is a value price. Over time, the faucet fixture leaks and the plumber is called out to repair. Many times, that “value” faucet has internal plastic parts that can’t be fixed. Then a new purchase must be made.

Save time and money by asking your trusted plumber for advice and recommendations about quality faucet fixtures. Let his experience and knowledge of the many brands and models available, guide you to a purchase that’s a real value.