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What Do Gas Logs Have To Do With Plumbing?

Gas fireplace logs.October afternoons are still pretty warm and wonderful, but our North Texas evenings have become a little chilly. You may be thinking about turning on the gas log fireplace for some ambiance as early in the season as you can. If you’re like me, you enjoy the changes in the seasons. Texas summers are so long, we really can’t wait to enjoy something different when it starts to cool down at night.  Read More→

Time For Safety Inspections!

Cooking with gas.Yaay!! It’s fall! Home maintenance is part of home ownership – without proper maintenance, our property loses value and we lose money. This is NO time to lose money on our property! Every time we experience a change of seasons, it’s a good idea to take a critical look at how much damage has been done over the last quarter.   Read More→

We Do Gas Work – Natural and LP

Did you know we do gas service and repair? That’s right, we’ve been serving residents around Plano, Richardson, Murphy and beyond for years – working with you to install the right appliances in the right locations with just the right amount of gas pressure.

If any of those calculations are off, your gas service will be inefficient – and probably dangerous.


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