About Us

Gary and Dorothy Skinner founded Gary’s Quality Plumbing in 1971, when they started out in new construction plumbing. In the early days, plumbing repair was only a small part of their business.

After a particularly cold Wisconsin winter, they moved the family to Plano, Texas in 1982. They decided to specialize in service and repair plumbing.

Word of mouth quickly spread throughout Plano and the North Dallas area about their dedication to customer service and quality workmanship. As Gary taught his three sons, Steve, Danny, Jason, and one son-in-law, Adam, the plumbing trade – the business grew from a husband/wife team to a full family business. Gary’s Quality Plumbing now employs two sons, one son-in-law, and one daughter, Debi.

Meet the Gary’s Quality Plumbing Team:

Adam Proctor.Adam Proctor
Master Plumber M38474
Adam has a playful, creative side that had him make a backyard adventure land for the kids that always evolves to keep the kids healthy, happy and occupied. He is an artist and has some very nice pictures displayed. He enjoys the outdoors and camping with his family.

Danny Skinner.Daniel Skinner
Master Plumber M41026
Danny is an artist as a talented musician/songwriter. His music can be enjoyed by all ages and he entertains whenever he gets the chance. You can check out his music on www.reverbnation.com/dannyskinner. He can also answer any questions you have about your computer and every once in awhile he will be building a new one.

Jason Skinner photo.Jason Skinner
Journeyman Plumber J39532
Jason loves the outdoors and wide open spaces. He enjoys camping with his family and time to watch the races. He can take a car apart and put it back together too, if needed. He is an artist with wood and metal and has some really neat projects.

Debi Proctor
Office Manager
Debi is married to Adam and is very involved in the business as well. You will speak to her when you call in to schedule your plumbing repair or installation. Since she grew up in this plumbing family, she is familiar with most of the plumbing issues you may have and will make sure you get all the information you need. She is a dedicated mother and more often than not, you will find half a dozen other kids enjoying her chocolate chip cookies or other treats that she is always finding time to make, in spite of her busy schedule.  Her artistry is in her voice and homemaking.

You can see that all of them bring some artistry to their work, all have families and we look forward to serving your family! Gary’s Quality Plumbing will be here for you for all your plumbing needs – a company you can trust.

Gary’s Quality Plumbing looks forward to serving you!

Contact us today at 972-424-6479 or send us a note through our contact page.